3 incredible things migration changed in me

Hi, dreamers! Natascha here from holisticmigration.com

I want to talk about the effect and changes migration process has brought to my family and I. Migration sometimes is like a rollercoaster ride. The pre-migration processes, the migration process itself and the aftermath of migration. The highs and lows of migration and everything in between.

It has been five years since we migrated and I noticed some things about me has changed. These are the things I am going to share with you today.

I have stopped being a perfectionist

One of the things that have changed about me is that I have stopped being a perfectionist. I am well known before now, to be a perfectionist, always wanting everything to be perfect. If you are planning on migrating, you are going to have to forget to be a perfectionist. A lot is coming ahead that you just have to ditch being perfect. Sometimes good is perfect enough, and you can enjoy and relish your migration experience if you would stop being a perfectionist lol.

The remarkable thing about this is that you are not under pressure to always have things perfect. I am glad about that. No pressure, yaaaay!

Learning from other people

I have also noticed that I now tend to learn more from people by observing them. When you are new in a country, there is a lot of learning to do. When you observe people around you, their routines, their attitude to life, etc. It’s how you learn to live in a new environment and inculcate the lifestyle acceptable. It goes without saying that you talk to people as well and ask questions when needed, but there is a lot more to learn from observing people around you. I have realised that a lot has been learnt from just observing people. I used to be a very independent person, but now I am more comfortable with asking people for help. I have to admit, I have changed several of my routines, just by observing people and how they do things lol.

Sand crazy!

The third change I have noticed since migrating to Australia is sand. Yes, sand. I used to be very particular about cleaning out the sand in my house, my car, back in Switzerland, but a word of advice, if you live anywhere near the ocean, let it go! It took me about two months before I got used to the fact the sands are here to stay. I live close to the beach, we have got sand everywhere! Sand in the car, house and on the deck. It’s not a perfect situation, but I am used to it, and I just go with the flow. Life near the ocean is beautiful and sand is just part of it now.

These are some of the changes I have noticed since we migrated to Australia. Cheers!

“Don’t only dream your life, live your dream”
Yours in inspiration, NC

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