4 Steps to success

Hi, dreamers! Natasha here from holisticmigration.com

Today I am going to share with you the four steps leading to success, and what Yan and I see as our success path.

Step 1 – Dreaming
The first step in our opinion is dream. Yes Dreams! So you have this dream, what you want to be, your desires, goals you want to achieve. For us, the dream was coming to live in Australia. It could be anything for you. However, you need a very clear dream. You have to be able to picture yourself in that dream, not some vague dreams that isn’t clear enough for you. Your dream has to detail where you want you want to achieve.

Lucky you, if you are in a situation where you can share your dreams with your spouse or partner. Sharing your dream with your partner is more beneficial, most especially if your partner is supportive of your dreams.

Step 2 – Taking action
The next step is taking action. I believe this goes without saying. I can dream of driving an exotic car brand all I want but if I don’t know how to drive a car, how will I achieve my dreams. A dream will forever remain a dream if you don’t take actions to bring your dream to reality. Guys! You literally have to wake up to live your dream! How do you take action? Make out a plan to achieve your dream, what do you need to do, where do you need to go? What knowledge do you need to acquire? Do you need access to more information? Imagine yourself in a car, going on a journey. You will need to have enough gas in the tank, but more importantly know the road that leads to your destination.

When making your plan, be very clear and set a time for every action to be taking. You wouldn’t want to set out on a journey and drive endlessly to nowhere in particular. For instance, if you have set out a plan to achieve a particular dream in a year, break it down to months, then into weeks. Write out things you need to do in a week to bring you closer to your ultimate goal. Note the things you need to do in a month to bring you closer to your dreams, set these mini milestones and ensure you achieve them, one calculated step after another.

Step 3 – Focusing
You have the dreams, you have written down your action plan. Heck! You have it all set and neatly broken down into different weeks and months up until you achieve your ultimate dream. But hey wake up and smell the coffee, you will encounter obstacles; things you didn’t plan for will come up to test your resolve to achieve your dreams. This brings me to my third point. Focus! You need to be focused; I am talking about laser focus here. Shut out all the distractions, because they will come. Be resolute about achieving your dreams, Live, Breathe the plans you have written down, go over it, over and over again, and constantly picture your dream in your mind and how your life will be better enhanced when you achieve your dreams. Keep these things in mind, and the obstacles will become a stepping stone for you.

Step 4 – Never give up
I mention there will be obstacles, right? Yes, there will be. But I have got to tell you this. Do not give up! The journey will get tougher, sometimes you won’t hit your target. You will be let down and disappointed. You won’t get things you want when you want them. I am not being cynical I am only being straight up with you. But hey, keep your eyes on the ball. If it was easy, everyone would achieve their dreams. Keep to the grind. NEVER GIVE UP!!! Remember this, on your journey in your car, would you have a flat tire, what would you do? Chances are you would fix your tire and continue towards your destination, right? You wouldn’t give up. Same with your goals. You will encounter obstacles but you won’t give up!

You have got a dream, a workable action plan, you are laser focused on achieving your dream, you aren’t going to give up on your dreams. I believe you didn’t come this far, just to give up on your dreams. Take these four steps to success seriously, and you will soon be living your dream. Cheers!

Don’t only dream your life, live your dream

Yours in inspiration





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