5 most imporant facts to consider before migrating

Hey dreamers,

So you are reading my blog and enjoy hearing about our stories. I hope this has inspired you to listen to your personal dreams. What is the country you would like to migrate to? Are you dreaming of being a citizen of a different country than yours? In fact, so many people do. You have no idea how many persons tell us all the time, “You are so lucky, I would love to leave somewhere else”. First of all, I don’t think it has anything to do with luck, but with WILLPOWER and DETERMINATION. In most cases, I would tell them straight away “Migration is not about luck, it is about willpower”. They usually look at me with big eyes, but hey, that’s nothing else than true and after all we have really worked our butts off to get where we are now.
I can only advise you to follow your dream and listen to your gut instinct. Go for it and get what you want!
However, before you pack your bag and jump into a plan, I need to tell you to boost up your determination firstly, but also please consider all aspects of the big move. Let me guide you to what I think are the 5 most important facts to consider before getting very serious about migration.

1. Do you know the country you are dreaming of well enough?
It may sound like a stupid question, you know that country since you want to live there! But I mean, dig deeper than the beautiful beaches or stunning mountains you’re dreaming of. Dig deeper… Have you been there? Did you get to meet with locals? How is your knowledge about the culture, religion, politics? Are you familiar with the school system? How is the higher education system? What about the social structure and the employment situation?
Of course you will find a lot of information on the net, nowadays it is common sense to make such kind of researches on the internet. I have another piece of advice for you here. Use the net to listen to a local radio or watch the local news. Try different sources of local media as you certainly don’t want to restrain your scope of vision to one source. Secondly, if you haven’t done so and if you can, please go visit the country first. Don’t play tourists only. Try to spend some time going to places you would go if you would be living there. Try to be a local. Try to communicate and interact with locals, not just the receptionist at your hotel.
Saying that I have to admit that I know several families who have migrated to Australia without first having visited the country. And they are very happy here. So don’t overly stress if you can’t make a trip first, but make sure you explore as many other local information sources as possible. As an example, here in Australia, almost every school has their own website.

2. The family – is everyone happy about the move?
I’m not going to lie to you, in our opinion and experience, you need to have the whole family on board in order to be successful in your migration project. Ok, you are going to tell me that younger kids won’t really mind, I’m hearing you and I’m with you here. But you have to consider their position as well. What future can they expect in your chosen land? Will they have access to a good education? Maybe you are planning on home schooling, great! But this second point is more in regards to your partner and older kids. Honestly, moving an 18yo is not going to be as straight forward as moving a toddler. Common sense.
If your partner feels like they have to compromise, well, I’m not saying it’s impossible but it will be more challenging. In our relation, neither of us 2 had to make a compromise. It was not his or her dream, it was a common dream. Believe me here, it makes therefore the entire situation easier.
Again, don’t stop your project right here if this is not your case as your partner or yourself might grown loving that new challenge and new exciting life. But take this into consideration, discuss, communicate about it!

3. How are you going to make your income once there?
Did you know that a carpenter in Switzerland is not the same as a carpenter in Australia? True fact indeed, a carpenter in Switzerland does build roofs and in Oz a carpenter does build wall frames, doors, ceilings, inside work,… Not the same job at all. Have you researched your job? Have you acquired a sound knowledge of what to expect once, you will have to work there? What is your plan, how are you going to find a job? How is the employment ratio? Will you be allowed and able to set up the business you are thinking of? What kind of salary can you expect, please compare to local living expenses.
As advice here I would suggest to try to find a Facebook group that would suit your trade or qualifications. Most likely they will accept you and you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge. Look out for work associations as well. Search for company websites, Facebook pages, Instagram,… in your domain.

4. How is the local medical / health structure?
If you are living with a chronic condition I bet you have already done your researches. Well done! However, in all likelihood at this stage the whole family is healthy and strong as a rock. Perfect for now, but don’t jeopardize the future! Don’t lie to yourself at one stage or another you will need to have access to medical services. Depending what country you are considering as being your future home, I would most definitely look into this matter. Especially if you are moving an entire family. What about vaccination and children health plan? You might be pro-vaccination or against vaccination, you still will have to consider the local practices. For example, at the moment, Australia has a law implemented that does considerably restrict your allowance for social children/family benefits if you choose not to vaccinate. Big financial impact here! If you are planning on moving to a tierce world country, do you know where the next reliable health provider would be?
And guys, since you are a bit holistically oriented, what about natural, alternative health? Are you going to have access to what you like and need? Is that country providing and supporting natural health?
Indeed, I know about families who migrated because of that. In order to live in a country providing rich sources of organic fresh fruits/veggies, coconuts.

5. Your family staying behind
Ok, that’s a hard one too. Even though they want you and your little tribe to be happy, most likely they are not going to jump and bounce out of joy once you have announced your plan of moving abroad. Depending on each and every family situation, of course, but assuming you are leaving loved once behind.
They will need time, believe me a lot of time to only just get used to the idea. The separation will be hard breaking and you will all be so far. You are taking the grandchildren away of their grandparents. Are you ready for this? No grandparents attending a grandparents day at school, Christmas without the family, birthdays, celebrations,….
What about the situation if one loved one left behind gets sick, I mean really sick, what’s the plan? Are you going to cope all right with the fact that you won’t be there in person?
I think we are doing well because we were so ready to do it and so confident about our choice. Even more that we have always worked as a very independent little family.
Think about this factor. You will probably not know how you will feel before the situation arises anyway, but having given a decent amount of thought about it will certainly help.
So the conclusion is simple – Guys do your homework as knowledge is power!

Don’t over think, but know your topic. You won’t be able to think over every single situation. Don’t panic, go with the flow, but let you sink into thoughts and listen to your heart. You will know, You will know as an individual person and also for the family. To mention as well, is that by doing research you will grow strong and so will your dream if it is the right one. You will nourish the flame and the fire will drive you to success!
xx Don’t only dream your life, live your dream xx
yours in inspiration
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