But you already had a website…

why put so much energy into building a new one and create www.yanandnatcarrel.com?

Yes we did have one already but it had been designed as a blog called Holistic Migration, a while ago now. And things have changed, Yan and I have changed. Our vision has changed as we sail to bigger wilder dreams, so our website was not at all reflecting us and our online business as we are now.

Our blog got pushed aside for a little as we have invested a fair bit of time in personal development and taking new business routes. Now, we are ready to get back to it and share value and development for entrepreneurs as well as our more personal stories about dream chasing in Australia and life in general.

From Holistic Migration to Optimal Lifestyle…

We started our baby steps in the online world as Holistic Migration, it was purely about our location migration as we moved from Switzerland to Australia and our holistic lifestyle. As mentioned previously, our business evolution has leaded to us to be dreaming about a bigger more optimal lifestyle for our family and we have evolved into being “the Optimal Lifestyle family”.

The objective of a website

is to showcase your business so that people can easily find out about who you are, what you do, how can your business help them solve a pain they might have, find a solution to their problem, find entertainment in reading your blog.

Therefore as online entrepreneurs working mainly from social media, it was paramount to have a website reflecting us in accordance to our Facebook profiles. I am convinced you would agree you’d find it odd and quite random to jump on our website and find something different you see on Facebook for instance. Our website is an extension to our Facebook page called Optimal Lifestyle and personal profiles (follow us or friend request us here: Yan and personal profile Nat )

We have taken on leadership roles

in different aspects and opportunities of our online business and this needed to be reflecting in our branding so we can actually attract the right leads, meaning possible customers. Being totally clear about our niche and market and reflect it in our branding, this is the goal every entrepreneur should have in regards to marketing, online or not.

Old Holistic Migration blog posts

will remain on the new website because they are part of our story, they are part of our journey and evolution. This is why you might come across blog posts written under HM. So don’t worry that was us not such a long time ago. Enjoy our new website and blog and don’t forget….

Don’t only dream your life, live your dream.

Yours in inspiration