We are Yan and Natascha Carrel and we are here to inspire you … TO CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!
What is it you are dreaming about? More time, more freedom, more lifestyle, better health,…?

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to learn more about us and hopefully even read our blog or even our book.
-Do you sometimes feel like life could be more than just “making it work”?
-Do you have dreams but not enough time or financial resources to make it happen? Keep reading… this was us as well!

Despite leading successful lives in Switzerland, in 2011 we decided to change paths, live our dream, the one we had been thinking about for more than 10 years and migrated to Australia. Our hearts were full of hope to start a new life on the other side of the world. And so started our Australian Beach Life we were dreaming about…

Did we have all our ducks aligned as we jumped into the adventure? NO, we would still be waiting otherwise!

So yes! We’ve done it,

we’ve realized one of our biggest dreams in life. Of course, it has been extremely challenging with ups and downs, but we are so grateful we have somehow found enough strength to pursue our dream and now be able to live in this amazing country and we even became Australian citizens in 2017.
We want to share this strength with you.
Actually, did you know Natascha wrote a book called “All in on a Dream” and you can, in fact, get the 2 first chapters for free on this website!

Furthermore, our migration journey has opened new visions for us. Visions of whole human beings and a balanced work/family lifestyle. We love and are passionate about the new holistic life we have created and invented to suit us because we know we deserve it!

With our 4uNaturally Brand, Facebook page and blog

we are sharing inspiration to a healthier life.
We are designing a life of location freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom. We are aiming to live a life where everything is possible to reach, a life of true fulfillment, happiness, health, and enjoyment.

Material stuff has no great value for us BUT these are the things we truly believe in having in our lives:
– more time spent together as family and couple
– more fun and happy moments, travels and discoveries
– freedom to do things when we want to
– be our own boss
– work when we think it’s the ideal moment for us and our family
– work from where we want, when we want
– don’t have to worry about our financial future

– BE FREE and Healthy

Can you relate?

We run the business together, most of the time from either home, the beach or just another piece of paradise on earth.
Yan is more the “behind the scene guy” whereas you’ll find Nat on the front line. Nat has specialized in helping other mums create their freedom, a lifestyle through clean and healthy living. Learn more about this here

We write and share with our hearts, we always put a considerable amount of effort and time in proofreading but please be indulgent about our quirky accent and possible misspellings. You get us as we are, true, honest and just “us being us”!
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xx Don’t only dream your life, live your dream xx
yours in inspiration

Yan and Nat

yan and nat carrel

Yan and Nat Carrel

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