"All in on a Dream" by Natascha Carrel
  • “All in on a Dream” is the True story of a Swiss family who left everything behind to pursue their dream in Australia

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” You have a gift! This is a wonderful book! I wish you and your family the best! ”
– Kerrie –

About the book

In 2011, Natascha and Yan Carrel, along with their 3 young children, boarded a plane and left everything behind in Switzerland to pursue their dream in Australia.

Despite leading successful lives in Switzerland, they decided to change paths and go chase their big dream against all logic, the dream that had been calling them for more than 10 years.

Their hearts were full of hope to start a new life on the other side of the world. Everyone was a total stranger to them there and English was not their native language, creating, as you can imagine, the expected cultural barriers and challenges.

Sitting in that plane, they were miles away from being able to imagine how hard the battle would be to reach their goal. Soon troubles would start, as only 2 months after their arrival in Australia, they lost their visas and were facing deportation. Later, they had to fight more, as they almost found themselves in the situation of living on the streets or even having to pack again and move interstate in order to remain lawfully in Australia.

This book will take you through their battles and successes, ups and downs, hopes and feelings.

They were pushed to their limits but never let go, even in the worst moments. They were driven by the one and only passion for the country they loved, feeling that they belonged in this sunburned land of red dust and paradise-like beaches.

“Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams.”