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A new website - why?

why put so much energy into building a new one and create Yes we did have one already but it had been designed as a blog called Holistic Migration, a while ago now. And things have changed, Yan and I have changed. Our vision has changed as we sail to bigger wilder dreams, so our website was not at all reflecting us and our online business as we are now.

The simple life

Feels so good not to have to rush from one place to another for competitions or training sessions. You know my boys are crazy swimmers and passionate surf lifesaving competitors, which usually keeps us fairly busy on weekends and just cancels all plan on having a nice deserved sleep in.

I say NO

I decided I was going to be my own boss. So what did I do? I started my own massage clinic, and I loved it. Yes, I  built up a successful remedial massage clinic from scratch and became my own Boss and wasn’t answering to anybody. My clinic was located in my house which I thought was ideal.  Sounds great, right?

Mistake to avoid with your passport

permit me to take a few minutes from your times as you read on. More often than not you are pumped and excited about the fact that you are living in your dream country that you sometimes forget to do the needful in regards to your travel documents.

Migration - Does it create a special family bond?

When you move across countries, you find yourself in a totally new environment, new experiences with little or no support. This creates an opportunity to relish the bond you have with your family in a way we would never have imagined before tackling on the project.

Why I don't care not being a native speaker

Hi, dreamers! Natascha here from I am talking about the videos that I post regularly on my Facebook page, blog and YouTube channels. I was having a conversation with a lady today, and she asked me if shooting those videos…
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Take off the training wheels

Hi, dreamers! Natascha here from Today I am going to be talking about living your life to the fullest. I mean living your life the way you really want to live your life and not what people expect of you. You most likely…
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4 Steps to success

Hi, dreamers! Natascha here from Today I am going to share with you the four steps leading to success, and what Yan and I see as our success path. Step 1 - Dreaming The first step in our opinion is dream. Yes Dreams!…

The magic recipe of Choices, Habits & Discipline

Hi Dreamers! Natascha here from Today, Neela is joining me (lol, that’s if you watch the youtube video of this, but hey scroll down and there it is !). I am going to talk about choices, habits and discipline and how…

Traditions and culture, our way

Hi Dreamers! Natascha here from Easter is here, we are excited! I got thinking about tradition and how we interact with tradition, living in another country. We try to teach our kids tradition as we know them from Switzerland.…

Gut feeling, trusted or not?

  Hi, dreamers! It’s Natascha here from Today, I have a question for you. I want to give you something to think about. I will like to ask if you have ever felt like you are in the right place at the right moment,…

No, I don't need other's approval

Hi, dreamers! It’s Natascha here from Today I am going to be talking about Validation. We tend to seek for validation from people close to us when we are about to make a change in our lives, or when we are about to…

Don't be fooled by your migration agent

Hi, dreamers! Natascha here from I want to talk about something that we had no knowledge of at the time we started our process of migration to Australia. This piece is actually more Australia related, it is suited and…
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A real struggle for parents but not for me

Hi, Dreamers! It’s Natascha here from Today I am a mum on the run. I have been driving the kids around. This has made me realize how happy I am. I want to express my gratitude, my gratitude towards the fact that I…

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear

Hi, dreamers! Natascha here from t Today I want to share with you a quote. I am sure you must have guessed from the title. The quote is "Everything you want is on the other side of fear." I am of the opinion that this…
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What does holistic mean to us?

Hi dreamers! Today I'm going to talk about what holistic is for us, because it is part of our name: Holistic Migration. We have chosen that name because holistic is a big part of our lives and I just wanted to explain to you what we mean by…

3 incredible things migration changed in me

Hi, dreamers! Natascha here from I want to talk about the effect and changes migration process has brought to my family and I. Migration sometimes is like a rollercoaster ride. The pre-migration processes, the migration…

4 Steps to success

Hi, dreamers! Natasha here from Today I am going to share with you the four steps leading to success, and what Yan and I see as our success path. Step 1 - Dreaming The first step in our opinion is dream. Yes Dreams!…
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You are your only limit

Hi dreamers! I am pretty sure you saw it in the title, and I am going to say it one more time, loud and clear. You are your only limit! Believe me it is true. Let’s be honest. You are the only one in charge of your life, you either get…

3 goals we have achieved recently

Hi, dreamers! Today we will be talking about some goals we have reached in the last couple of months. This is just to inspire you and show that it doesn't actually take long to reach your goals if you are resolute and focused. If you make…
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My 5 top reasons to be free

Hi dreamers! I hope you guys all had a great weekend. Today I'm going to start the week by sharing with you all my top 5 reasons why I want to create that freedom for me and for my family. So without wasting much time I'll head straight…

Be selfish

Hi dreamers! This week we have been talking about making positive changes in your life. If you feel stuck in a messy situation, or you just want to live more excitingly, one important thing that we do and have always done, though it sounds…

Yes, you can make changes in your life

Hey Dreamers, It is a rainy day here, it is quite an amazing and exciting experience. It has been so dry here, the rain could not have been more timeous! I had no intention to talk about the rain today, but hey! It is raining, I can’t complain…

We are breaking free

Hi Dreamers! Today I’m going to tell you a bit more about our migration process, and I’m not actually just talking about the migration as we moved from Switzerland to Australia, but migration as our lifestyle, if I can say that. We call…
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Migration - is it hard on children?

Hey dreamers! So you are thinking about migrating to your dream destination and you have children? You're considering taking a decision that will impact on the entire family so your brain is on fire with one question popping up after the…

The family behind Holistic Migration

"There is a strong Dad and a loving Mum, deeply in love and happily married, 2 crazy boys and 1 cheeky girl, we are Swiss, we are Australian, we are citizens of the world"    Hey dreamers!  Humans are curious right? So I'm sure by now…

5 most imporant facts to consider before migrating

Hey dreamers,So you are reading my blog and enjoy hearing about our stories. I hope this has inspired you to listen to your personal dreams. What is the country you would like to migrate to? Are you dreaming of being a citizen of a different…

Why did we start Holistic Migration?

Hey dreamers! You want to know it....Why did we start sharing our story with the world? Narcissism? Nope..... Caring? Yep!!! Well the response is actually quite simple and has been made clear to us during our migration progress. We want…

Why following your dream of migrating to another country?

Hey dreamers, I know the feeling.... It's there in your mind, in the back of your head. You cannot help, whatever you'll try to do to ignore it, won't work. You still have the feeling deep inside you, the feeling that there is another chapter…