A new website – why?

why put so much energy into building a new one and create www.yanandnatcarrel.com?

Yes we did have one already but it had been designed as a blog called Holistic Migration, a while ago now. And things have changed, Yan and I have changed. Our vision has changed as we sail to bigger wilder dreams, so our website was not at all reflecting us and our online business as we are now.

I say NO

I decided I was going to be my own boss. So what did I do? I started my own massage clinic, and I loved it. Yes, I  built up a successful remedial massage clinic from scratch and became my own Boss and wasn’t answering to anybody. My clinic was located in my house which I thought was ideal.  Sounds great, right?


A real struggle for parents but not for me

Hi, Dreamers! It’s Natascha here from holisticmigration.com

Today I am a mum on the run. I have been driving the kids around. This has made me realize how happy I am. I want to express my gratitude, my gratitude towards the fact that I can actually have the time for my children. Today is a special day because this morning we had a high school tour with my second child. We got to take a tour of the high school, which I think is really awesome and exciting and I do believe it helps the children with the transition if their parents are right there with them.

I realised that I am used to the fact that I can be there for my children, thanks to my carrier choices. In today’s world, not every parent is there for their children as much as they would like to. It can be really disheartening.  This morning for example, I got to know that about forty children, had their parents with them out of the two hundred and twenty students the school is expecting next year, and that’s me being generous with the numbers. That is less than thirty percent of the number of expected students. Yes I can understand how difficult it can be for most parents to make it that early; it is nine o’clock in the morning. It’s hard to keep up with that if you have a regular job. And this is only one example, what about school holidays, a real struggle for some families! Not, for us, we love school holidays and get to spend quality time sharing activities we love.

I am extremely grateful for that; being able to be there for my children. Although it can get busy driving them around and getting them to places they have to be, making sure they settle in. This is very important for me, I want to share as much as I can with them as my family is my number one priority in life.

I am sure you are wishing you could be doing the same as me, but you are caught in the web of work and the demand placed on your time at work. Perhaps you feel guilty for not being able to be there for your children as much as you would love to.  You just keep getting busier and you barely know what your children are up to. I have good news for you! You have got to put your foot down. Yes, put your foot down and create time for your children, NOW as they are growing so fast, right?

Oh! You are wondering how you are going to do that when you are so busy with work? I totally understand. I have a few tips for you.

Clear the clutter: Take a little bit of time off to clear the clutter. Those unimportant things you do that eats into your time at the expense of your children, make a list of them, and get rid of them. One very good example of mine is ironing. I have stopped ironing several years ago (and believe me this is against all rules I have been taught, I’m a rebel!), I buy our clothes accordingly and guess what… boom that’s a few hours less lost on doing something totally futile and therefore added time with my family.

Prioritize: Now, that the clutter is freed up, you have got to prioritize spending time with your children and the people who are the most important in your life. Turn your carrier and work commitments around your children and not the opposite, family around work! That is of course if your family is your number one priority in life. It is for me! Rethink your options, brainstorm and reorganize your life, they are more options out there as you think.

Consider to be your own boss: Yes, if I can do it, so can you. It takes guts and most probably a little bit of cash to finance your business but hey, where there is a will, there is a way! It cost me less than a new TV to start my very own business and gain my freedom! Think outside the box, reinvent your life!

I hope you get to spend more time with your children as I do and totally enjoy it! But I want you to know that I can do this ONLY BECAUSE I CHOSE SO AND MADE CHOICES TO ARRANGE MY LIFE ACCORDINGLY. It has nothing to do with luck, it’s called determination and life planning!

Xx Don’t only dream your life, live your dream xx
Yours in inspiration