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I want to talk about something that we had no knowledge of at the time we started our process of migration to Australia. This piece is actually more Australia related, it is suited and I dare say necessary for people planning to migrate to Australia.

I am talking about migration agent. A migration agent is someone who works for you for a fee. He/she takes charge of your paper work to facilitate your visa application process. Please understand that having a migration agent work for you do not guarantee visa approval. Visa approval primarily and solely lies within the purview of the Australian government. However, the migration agent knows the law. The migration agent helps to guide you in determining what sort of document you need for your visa application and the type of visa that is best suited for you and helps you avoid the migration pitfalls.

Most of the migration agent here, are really good persons, and they are ever willing to help you. However, there are some phony and dodgy ones out there. You need to be careful because without a valid visa, you aren’t going to get to Australia. There is an organization where you can check and verify the authenticity of your migration agent or look up any migration agent you would like to employ. You can look up their website here.

In our circumstance, although the migration agent we chose was not on the black list, we had some issue. You have to go with your gut instinct when choosing your migration agent. We got our agent based on recommendation but I need to admit we quite soon realized we didn’t have a good vibe with him. We should have ended the work relation then but somehow we didn’t (pure lack of knowledge and confidence from us, I guess) We ended up wasting too much time and resources, and we could have avoided that. Choose your migration agent wisely, make sure your agent is registered with the office and be sure this person is not blacklisted. The blacklist will definitely not tell you everything, so go with your gut instinct. You have to ask all the right questions; their communication mode, how you are updated on the progress of your file. Be very sure you are on the same page with your migration agent.

It is okay to shop around a little bit, check with a couple of migration agent to see what they can do for you. If you have the choice, it’s possible you get offered a job through your migration agent. If this happens, be sure to lookup the migration agent to verify the credibility. This will hopefully save you troubles down the track and make sure your migration process will run smoothly. Testimonials and online chat forums are also a great place to find reviews on migration agents. Best of luck!

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Here are some useful links to help you find the right migration agent or check that your agent is registered!

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