Sometimes we tend to compare ourselves to those that are doing what we want to do.

It could be your business, your blog, your Instagram or Facebook account or your affiliate marketing commissions for instance. You could be comparing your Facebook page, blog or Instagram account to someone else’s with thousands of followers, or you are comparing your results in affiliate marketing to someone’s who is making six to seven figures from affiliate marketing regularly.

I want to tell you this; every master was once a beginner just like you.

They started from  scratch just like you. Mark Zukerberg started Facebook from his dorm room. Steve Jobs started Apple from a garage. So these big entities didn’t just get big overnight, they started from somewhere and they believed they could do it. They had a vision.

You will be too hard on yourself comparing yourself with people who have grown big in your line of business. Yes, we all aspire to be big and successful, our destination might look similar but the route is most definitely going to be different as we all start from a different point with a different background.

Instead of unhealthy comparison,

why not be inspired by the successes you see around you. Be inspired by the Mark Zuckerberg of this world. Be inspired by that Instagram account with a huge following and lots of engagement. Be inspired by that Facebook page with lots of fans. Be inspired by that business netting a six to seven figure profit. Be inspired by all these and make it work for you. Try to master the mechanics behind their success, what is working, what not and apply it your business. Learn from them!

You are probably thinking about your peers who have attained an appreciable level of success in their career. Do not get jealous, be challenged by their achievements.

If they can do it, you can do it too.

Maybe you have tried a couple of things and it didn’t work out. Keep trying! Don’t ever give up. Learn from those experiences. You have to believe in yourself. People are doing what you have failed at and they are succeeding at it. Find out what they are doing right. Keep learning and keep trying but most of all keep the faith in yourself.

Don’t get jealous, be challenged, and be inspired.

Start from scratch and climb your way up the ladder of success. Be an inspiration for someone else. It might be tough, the road might get bumpy… Heck! The people who challenge and inspire you had to pay a price before they made it. Comparing yourself to them is unhealthy for you. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Start that business. Start that Facebook page. Create that Instagram account and keep grinding till you become an inspiration to someone else. Be Inspired!

Don’t only dream your life, live your dream

Yours in inspiration, Nat