The family behind Holistic Migration

There is a strong Dad and a loving Mum, deeply in love and happily married, 2 crazy boys and 1 cheeky girl, we are Swiss, we are Australian, we are citizens of the world”
 Hey dreamers!  Humans are curious right? So I’m sure by now you would like to know more about out little tribe.

Yan was born in September 1975 in Switzerland. He’s a carpenter/joiner by trade. Nowadays Yan is a successful estimator in the building industry in Australia and he also is the producer of most of our HolisticMigration videos.

He loves the beach and nature. He is funny and a playful dad.


Funny fact: Don’t touch his belly button, he will jump!


THE MUM – Natascha

Natascha was born in April 1978 also in Switzerland. Natascha worked as a travel agent before becoming a Mum. Nowadays Natascha is a remedial massage therapist and inspirational writer at HolisticMigration.

She is passionate about health, holistic approach to life, the beach and nature.


Weird fact: Natascha went through several operations on both hands as she was born with Syndactyly. Despite this, or maybe thank to this (?) she now is very successful in massage therapy.



Kilian was born in 2003. Very strong personality, creative and very sporty. Kilian loves History and Geography. During his free time Kilian likes to draw and to paint army models. Kilian is an athlete and competes in Swimming and Surf lifesaving.

Interesting fact: Kilian leaves with ADHD. ADHD was a burden for him for the first 6 years of his life. Nowadays, Kilian sees his ADHD as a gift. At this stage, he thrives through life.


Nolan was born in 2005. He is a dreamer and off with the fairies more often as he actually realizes. Nolan is an animal lover and dreams of becoming a Vet. Nolan’s other passions are music and drawing funny characters.

Same as his older brother Nolan competes in Swimming and Surf lifesaving.

Weird fact: Nolan believes he can actually understand and talk with animals. We do believe him.


Neela was born in 2010, had is the baby of the family. Neela is a very calm little girl. She likes everything pretty, sparkly and girly. But doesn’t mind at all to play “Survivor” with her brothers. Neela is a very creative little soul.

Funny fact: Neela was only 16 months old as we moved to Australia. Despite the fact that we speak in French and Swiss-German all the time at home, she has a very strong Australian accent whenever she would speak in French.

We are Swiss, We are Australian, We are citizens of the world.

All the 5 of us were born in Switzerland. We moved to Australia in August 2011, 11 month after finally taking the decision that would change our lives forever.

In Switzerland we have our roots, our families and loved ones. We have the history of our making as a family and we are so thankful we were born in such an amazing country.

In Australia we have found peace in our hearts and sparkles in our eyes, we are happy and absolutely rocking the OZ lifestyle. We achieved a lot so far, but the ball is still rolling with more projects. We have open the door to opportunities… We embrace them and all what life has to offer.

xx Don’t only dream your life, live your dream xx

Yours in inspiration, NC

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