Why following your dream of migrating to another country?

Hey dreamers, I know the feeling…. It’s there in your mind, in the back of your head. You cannot help, whatever you’ll try to do to ignore it, won’t work. You still have the feeling deep inside you, the feeling that there is another chapter to be written in your life and as complicated it may look at first glance you know you WANT TO DO it… one day.
Why one day, why wait actually? Ask yourself the question and try to respond honestly, why one day (and by the way, what day are you waiting for, what day will be perfect enough to let go and jump in the (cold) water?) Why not now, why not say ….. LET’S DO THIS!
I’ll be frank and honest here. It’s going to be hard emotionally and physically, monetary probably as well. But hey, your dream is worth to fight for right?
We have waited 1 whole decade. 10 years of trying to ignore the call inside us, 10 years of trying to take different decisions that we hoped would saddle the desire of conquering new horizons. Our horizon was Australia. We knew it so clearly, there was not a single doubt about it. We could imagine and visualize our life in Australia, however still we would wait. Why and what were we waiting for? Well, now that we’ve successfully done IT we feel like we understand why it was hard to take the decision to let go and jump. It was emotional more than anything else. For us it was the families, our roots, our bonds to our loved ones. We didn’t want to hurt them or disappoint them by leaving…. you know. So it took all that time for us to grow stronger. Strong enough to tell them the truth about how we want to live our lives.  It was hard beyond words to jeopardize relationships.
Also, I wouldn’t be honest, not to admit that there was a factor of fear as well. The fear of letting go of the security blanket, our well organized lives and routines to jump into the unknown. Pretty scary… especially with 3 young children.
So why do it?
Because you will feel free and powerful. Please don’t misunderstand me here, not powerful in a materialistic point of view or in regards to other people, but feeling like you have the power, you are able to control your life  – which in my opinion is worth so much more. Once every obstacle (and there will be many, believe me) will be behind you, you will feel like you’ve accomplished a dream. You will feel like you can actually achieve whatever you want in your life that makes you happy. You will feel true and honest to yourself and feel like your life belongs to you and not to some sort of pre-made society ideas or models. Furthermore!  As a parent, you will therefore teach your children that everything is possible if you want it badly enough to make it happen. Every hurdle, every closed door will teach you strength and willpower, ambition and determination.  For every closed door you will find another unexpected door that will open, leading you towards happiness and success.
Moving to Australia has changed our lives in so many ways we didn’t even think it would be possible. Beside now living in the country of our dreams we have also found new values and the keys to a holistic lifestyle that does empower all of our 5 personalities so much. We are beyond proud of ourselves and our children. And we feel now like we are true to ourselves.
xx Don’t only dream your life – live your dream! xx
yours in inspiration, NC
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