Why I don’t care not being a native speaker

Hi, dreamers! Natascha here from holisticmigration.com

I am talking about the videos that I post regularly on my Facebook page, blog and YouTube channels. I was having a conversation with a lady today, and she asked me if shooting those videos in English isn’t too hard for me. I am sure you have noticed I am not a native speaker of English language. Yes it is hard for me, but it is the language I have to communicate in everyday here in Australia. I am reading books in English, all my business interactions are wholly in English so I am getting used to it and learning to feel confident. It is all about getting out of my comfort zone and not getting shy or embarrassed when I  make mistakes with my sentences, use the wrong words or tenses, or pronounce a word wrongly. In as much as I am able to communicate my thoughts and you are able to understand me, I think I am fine with that. My purpose is to deliver a message not an English assignment, after all.

I actually see it as an advantage, because I don’t get to pretend. What you see is what you get! Overall, it is not that hard.

If you are thinking of getting online, making your own videos, starting that YouTube channel, but you are scared and jittery because English isn’t your native language, I have got words for you. Don’t be scared, it’s not that difficult. Once you start, you will get used to it. What you need to focus on is the quality of your message and what you intend to pass across to your audience. Don’t pay attention to your funny accent or pronunciation, once you have got what people want to hear, soon enough your fan base will begin to grow.

Let me give you an example. If you are familiar with YouTube, you will realise that there are some quality videos with potent and efficient message on YouTube, with a lot of views and the maker of the videos are not native English speakers. You can tell from there accent and pronunciation that English isn’t their native language yet they are doing that which scares you to do.

Or think it this way, even the Brits have different accents. If you are familiar with the English culture, you will be quick to notice and differentiate when an Irish is talking apart from a Cockney. They are both native speakers of English language, yet with a different accent and they are not ashamed of their accent so why should you?

Personally, I am not perturbed about my accent. I believe in the message that I am getting out there and how I am impacting and helping people live their dreams.

So if you are out there, you want to make a video but you are scared because you are not a native speaker of English language, let me encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Go do it and you will soon realise that it is not that difficult. Cheers!

Don’t only dream your life, live your dream.

Yours in inspiration




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