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How to live a more intentional life and feel happy and fulfilled?

Before I will actually jump into the how-to, let’s have a quick look at what an intentional life means for me:

  • – Waking up excited about my day
  • – Spending my days with people I love and doing things that are truly important to me, thriving towards my personal destiny
  • – Feeling amazement and gratefulness every day
  • – Living life in a healthy body, creating my cocoon of balance and equilibrium
  • – Collecting life experiences and growing as a human, creating my intentional world of fulfilment

As I am growing older and hopefully wiser, my vision of life and myself has changed. It has become clearer to me that everything in MY life starts with ME! Forgotten are the days, I was diminishing myself, or living to please or impress others.

Even if my ultimate goal is to serve and help others in whatever skills I might have, it all starts with me! I am not being narcissistic here, bear with me, it will make sense.

But now… How to live that intentional life? Being intentional starts with ME

In order to know what is fulfilling and purposeful to me, I need to know who I am, what I love, and even what I dislike. So I will discover my values and beliefs. I am the core of the apple, I am the centre of the world I will create to serve a purpose, my personal destiny. This means I need to discover my passions and talents before I can create my own purposeful universe.

And you know what’s best? By discovering and value myself, I can be a better person to others. Knowing ME makes me a better human, woman, wife, mum,…

Waking up excited about my day

can only happen if I actually love what fills up my days. I have the power to let people enter into my world to bring love, energy, positivity, inspiration or whatever makes me happy. On the other hand, I also have the power to let go of what is not bringing me those elements of joy and excitement. I can push out negativity from my world.

Maybe I can’t change right now an element I dislike. But I can at least take action towards a change. And because I know who I am, I, therefore, know what I would enjoy more and can make my changes in that direction.

Taking a step, even a small one, towards a better direction feels exciting. I have the power to move on that path because I am in charge of my life!


Think about the energies in your life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you surrounded by the right people?
  • Is the vibe of the cocoon you are in now, the right one for you to let YOUR world blossom?
  • Is your entourage creating with you? Fusing your worlds together to all thrive from it? Or is it going only one way?

Being focused on the elements of my life that truly are important to me and my purpose

Yes, I said important to ME! Focus is the key word here. Focusing on the things I love and cherish in my life, what’s important to me? Not to others, I refuse to work on someone else’s dream when I have a passion.

I have the passion of being a wife, a mum, a strong woman, and an entrepreneur on a mission. Those are my focuses, where I spend all my time and energy on.

I am not saying you can change it all in one day. But again you can take little steps to then be able to focus on your passions, whatever they are. Stop doing stuff to please others or because it is expected. Respect yourself enough to know your values and create a world where your passions will blossom, day after day.


  • Endeavour to change one element after the other in your life to slowly allow more time to what truly is important to you
  • Let go of what is not important to YOU, even if it means you have to say “No” to someone

Going through my days with amazement and gratefulness

Discovering myself and my values, accepting myself and stepping in my own truth have led me to become more aware of life. Simple things, like feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, seeing a blooming flower, walking on the beach and breathing in the sea breeze, a laugh, or even one of my kid’s fingerprint on a window… make me feel grateful. Because I actually LIVE my life and do not go through passively on survival mode.

It has taught me to stop and listen, smell and enjoy. See things I was totally oblivious to before because I was in a constant rush. But a race to where? I am not sure actually.


  • Take the time to stop and look. Make it a habit, use an alarm clock to remind you to stop and look around you. Breathe in and feel the moment. Analyze what is happening right now. It will slowly become natural.
  • Reverse the situation. I used to get annoyed at my kids leaving fingerprints everywhere. I mean, I clean those windows after all, can I get some respect? Now, I see it differently. Who cares about those windows anyway? I am grateful about having my children in my life, the love and energy they bring me. Those prints are little proofs of love everywhere. They are alive, living in our house. Our home, not a museum. When they are at school, I seriously can stop and smile at one of those prints left behind and feel my heart full of gratitude.
  • Thrive to see the little wonder of life. They are everywhere. Smile, laugh, dance and sing!

Nat Carrel - The Blog - Intentional lifeNurturing the body I am living in through natural health

Taking care of yourself and loving yourself enough to respect your body and soul has nothing to do with being self-centred or playing Narcissa. No, it’s about going into a deeper relationship with yourself where you understand and trust yourself to be bold and live life on your own terms. Being bold enough to live YOUR life!

Letting go of negative judgement towards yourself and your body and moving on a path of positivity is not only changing your mindset but also the way you live. It is liberating and opens up a world of possibilities.

By taking the time to respect myself enough to feed my soul with meditation, feed my body with the right nutritious food and to move my body with exercise to create and balance my energies, I craft an environment of positivity and happiness.

Happiness is a whole. It’s not just one element.

By nurturing my body and my soul I find my energy to share my mission and message of natural holistic health.


  • Make room in your busy schedule for you.
  • Remember that you are an example. Do you want your kids to love themselves enough to build a life they love? Then show them the example. Build yours, they are watching!
  • Make sacrifices. Something has to go. Schedule a little bit of time every day to do something that makes you happy and makes you feel awesome.
  • Remember you are a whole. You can’t thrive through a happy life with a sick body. Nurture yourself and your body!

Creating a world of experiences and feel fulfilled

You don’t need more to be happy, you need the right things for you!  Possession wise as well as experience wise. What’s right for you? Imagine, what is in alignment with the true YOU and what in your life is superficial?

Forget about what you think you need to blend in. Release the pressure! Let go of things in order to not rely on possessions but on experiences, focusing on what’s truly important to you. This movement of letting go of material stuff is called minimalism. Personally, I like the message of Matt Davella and his podcast or Leo Babauta’s Zen habits in this regards.

I would also highly recommend watching the movie called “The minimalists“, at the moment available on Netflix – What if everything you ever wanted isn’t what you actually want? We watched it with our children and let me tell you, it was a real eye-opening for them as well.

Tips for living an intentional life:

  • Understand that getting trapped in the game of acquiring stuff to impress others is not going to make you happy
  • Start thinking reusing or repurposing instead of buying. Donate instead of throwing away
  • Work on a new mindset by listening to podcasts or reading books. And practice personal development every day
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself. Let it happen gradually, little step by little step
  • Create a vision board of what is profoundly important to you. Include YOUR important material possessions and experiences and don’t let you get distracted by shiny objects!Nat Carrel - The Blog - Intentional life

Start now – Your intentional life is waiting for you!

What are you going to put on your vision board?

  • Comment below and share with us
  • Make it a statement
  • A way to be accountable and find your intentional life!


About the Author:
Natascha is firstly a wife and mum of 3, originally Swiss and a French native speaker, she lives in Queensland Australia. She also is a passionate online entrepreneur and author.
Natascha’s passion is to share the message of Living a Life of Purpose.
Her mission is to help other mums create more freedom to live their dream life while becoming healthier and happier!


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