The magic recipe of Choices, Habits & Discipline

Hi Dreamers! Natascha here from

Today, Neela is joining me (lol, that’s if you watch the youtube video of this, but hey scroll down and there it is !).
I am going to talk about choices, habits and discipline and how these three ingredients actually bring you to success.

If you create good habits, together with making good choices and the discipline that it takes to bring you to your goals, you will succeed. Having set your goals, think about the choices you need to make to achieve your set goals. It could be the choice to rework your schedule or pay more attention to your thoughts processes and ideas.

There are habits you will need to inculcate to help you achieve your goals. New habits could be sparing time to work on achieving your goals, habits to believe more in your dreams, habits to make time for sports or working smarter. What I am saying in essence is that you know what habits you need to ditch and what habits you need to begin to learn and inculcate to make the journey to achieving your goals smoother.

There is hardly anyone that has achieved what their goals that do not exercise great discipline. For instance I have a schedule I work with everyday in my office, I stick to my schedule and review what is working and what is not working. To achieve your goals, you will need to be very discipline. Discipline with how you spend your time, making out a workable plan and sticking to it. If you have to up the ante to ensure that you exercise more discipline, I would advise you do. It doesn’t cost and arm and a leg to be disciplined. Cheers to achieving our goals!

Don’t only dream your life, live your dream.

Yours in inspiration

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