The “unplanned” impact migration has had on our family bond

When you move across countries, you find yourself in a totally new environment, new experiences with little or no support. This creates an opportunity to relish the bond you have with your family in a way we would never have imagined before tackling on the project.

When settling in a totally new environment

chances are that you would need some time to get familiar with the new situations. In these moments, you really rely on family members and time spend together to discover and learn how to live in a new country becomes extremely bonding.
Each other’s support is paramount! The pre-existing bond kicks in and becomes stronger and stronger.

I can see this in the way my kids relate with each other

in the support they give each other. (please don’t think I am saying they would never fight, as they do, often….indeed)

In fact, I actually never got fully aware of this special bond before starting to talk with other people living similar experiences. It appears that families going trough such an adventure together (can be like full time travelers, long time travelers, migrants, etc) do actually create something very special and unique because of the amount of time they spend together and the unique life experiences they get to share.

My spiritual self, would almost say that I feel like we have this connection on a deeper level. We have each other’s back, what ever happens because at some stage there really was no one else to rely on!

You really shouldn’t under estimate how a project such a migration can transform your family bonds

to something even better and deeper than you could imagine. It is something priceless and a beautiful “side-effect” of the adventure. Migration is not just a relocation THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO IT and goes far beyond the “travel / moving / settling in” time!

We share roots and a culture that is not present here in Australia. And even after almost 7 years now, I can feel this almost daily. A slight shift… nothing huge but it is here and only my family understands. So it is only “normal” that one would relate this little bit more to the raw core of the family foundations.

As a family we enjoy a great relationship

because we place premium on spending time together, quality time! And it feels just  natural to us, not an “obligation” like you can sometimes hear in some families, even now with our boys growing into young teenagers. We enjoy each other’s company truly and value other family member’s opinion and thoughts on situations but most of all our kids know that in life, you can achieve anything you want if you follow your dreams and work for it. Because we showed them and they got to share it with us. We shared this adventure together.

Settling into a new environment can be a hard nut to crack sometimes,

with ups and downs (oh yes! It’s not easy) but when you have family around, the best thing to do is to build on your relationship and embrace that opportunity to bond with your family.

Don’t only dream your life, live your dream.

Yours in inspiration


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