Let’s face it, I have become this mum I never thought I would be.

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I did not plan to become a mum of sporty kids. Nor did I see it coming, at least to a certain extent as I soon noticed my schedule becoming crazy busy and my alarm clock ringing always earlier. But basically, it’s just that the kids grew up and one thing leading to another, I became that mum.

I am a mum of three, two teenager boys 15 and 13yo and one 9yo girl. My kids are into swimming (pool and open-water) as well as surf lifesaving.
Of course, the boys are more involved in the sport than their sister is but don’t let her age fool you. Little miss has determination. She wants to be an Olympian just like her brothers want too.

So yes, I am that mum, I am a mum of sporty kids. The one who dedicates so much time to her kids’ sports and who drives an unbelievable amount of km’s every week. That mum who wakes up a lot earlier than most humans do, who works, eat, get changed all in her car. And who does her best to keep coaches and teachers happy when everything is just clashing schedule-wise. That’s me and I am proud of it!

But how do you know you ARE a mum of sporty kids?

Good question right? Chances are you actually already know if you are one or not, but just in case, here are the most common signs of you being that mum!

Your schedule…

Does your day include morning and afternoon training sessions? Meaning that your day starts already at sport in the morning only to run after work to another training session before dinner time?blog post mum of sporty kids

If your schedule feels slightly overwhelming and mainly focused around sports activities, it is the first sign. Sport is dictating your time organization, everything revolves around sport in your household. And even if you think it is not the case, that crazy schedule does run the show.

You have troubles scheduling time for other activities because you are ALWAYS at sport or getting ready for it! Someone asks you to meet for coffee and already your head is spinning trying to figure how the heck you will squeeze this in your day between the morning session and the 1000’s of thing you have to do before to be back for arvo training and have dinner ready for when you’ll get back home.

Your alarm clock…

Once upon a time, it used to ring at a decent “normal” time. But that was a long time ago. Nowadays your alarm clock rings at 4.30am if you are a mum of swimming kids like me and not so much later for other sports I guess. The point is your nights are simply shrinking while your days are spinning fast.

There’s no mystery here, early nights are gonna be a new ritual. And the number one key here is Energy! Lot’s of it but from a good source, not junk energy please, mummies. A least, not on a daily basis, we are human and exceptions are great sometimes but if you want to survive this tempo you’d better keep your body in great form! I get mine from a clean living lifestyle and a few life routines I have learned to incorporate into my “oh so busy” days. Actually, I love it so much that I even found a way to make a livelihood out of it! Ask me how!

Your food bill…

Is increasing at a fast pace, a lot faster you can actually keep up. I bet you are feeling like something is wrong with your pantry or fridge, everything you put in simply disappears magically. You get asked at the market if you are raising monkeys since you are buying at least 6kg of bananas a week. 5 meals a day is the minimum to get the troops going.
Remember the time you had leftovers, the good olden days! That’s a thing from the past now.
Teenagers are well known to eat lots but try to feed a teenager who swims about 10km per day! Can you relate?

Your weekends…

Are mostly dedicated to sport, training, competitions, trials you name it. You had this dream of going camping and relaxing on the river, reading a book or even just a sleep in on Sundays. Well, guess what, sports is slowly but surely eating up all your weekends and there is nothing you can do about it since you exactly know how much it means to your youngsters. Therefore, without complaining and instead of the relaxing camping trip, YES you are attending this fundraising BBQ at your local Bunnings. You put up your nicest smile to sell as many sausage sandwiches as possible to collect funds for the new team uniforms and training camp.

And now you’re a chaser…

You are chasing qualifying times at regionals to make it to State Championships and then to Nationals. Your kid needs to attend all those school events to even have the slightest chance to become a school representative, it does never stop. Ideally, your weekends would be 5 days long as honestly you barely have the time to work but you are doing everything possible for your kids to chase those qualifying criteria. I know how it feels, I was there not such a long time ago, right in that pair of shoes, before I decided to let go of my remedial massage business, because I did just not have the time to work anymore. Read my bio here….

Shall we talk finances?

That’s a good one as well. A sure sign. I know… people in general, don’t like to talk about money. But I do because I love money! Hey you, I see your frown from reading this… Loving money is something I have learned in my personal growth path and money blueprint readjustment. And if you want money to be flowing into your bank account, you will need to learn loving it too, otherwise, you will continue to repel it! So out with that frown, in with the smile, please! And let’s talk big bucks.

Coming back to our topic here… It doesn’t matter if you actually can or cannot afford to pay the expenses (actually yes it does but it’s not the topic of this blog post), the fact is that they are real. Every single week sees another expense coming your way. All in the name of sport, training fees, club registrations, competition levy, travels, gear, physio, massage, food, and the list could go on for longer but I am sure you got it. They are all real expenses and a sure sign of your “mum of sporty kids” status.

Dear mum of sporty kids, Do you sometimes think “Why I am actually doing this, what’s the point?”

In all honesty here, from one mum to another, do you sometimes wonder why you are putting yourself through this stress? Is it actually worth it, knowing that the chances your kid will become a big sporting legend is fairly small? I do. Yes, sometimes I do, very briefly, out of exhaustion probably, for a few seconds I forget why I am actually doing this and ask myself “WHY?”
Fortunately enough, it doesn’t usually take long for me to readjust my thoughts and remember what is making me survive this crazy routine.

It is not only about sport

But about so much more! Something deeper and even more meaningful. I am talking here about very powerful life skills learned through sport that will (hopefully) shape all our sporty kids into bright and happy adults.

Discipline, determination, commitment, self-control, mindset, humility, and fairness. Learning to be part of a team, follow rules, never quit, setting goals, dealing with blockage or lack of results. All those skills are learned when you are involved in sport at a certain level.

Furthermore, for me, it is about my kids spending time in a pool doing something they love and keeping them healthy instead of hanging out on the street and following a dark path. They have a purpose, something they love spending their time on, and this means the world to me.
It is about friendship and community, memories, achievements and learning about being proud of themselves.

So whenever you feel exhausted my dear mum of sporty kids, please sit down, take a minute and remember that it is not fundamentally about the sport itself. Sport is only the vehicle that will teach your children all those lifelong skills and many more, regardless of making it to the Olympics or not.

Cheers to you super mum! You are doing great and I am proud of you!

blog post mum of sporty kids
Game faces!
Photo credit to Dave Gleeson @ Surf Shoot Noosa

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