Why did we start Holistic Migration?

Hey dreamers!
You want to know it….Why did we start sharing our story with the world? Narcissism? Nope….. Caring? Yep!!!
Well the response is actually quite simple and has been made clear to us during our migration progress. We want to share in order to inspire and motivate same minded families because let’s face it, not many people in your actual social environment will understand and support you in what you are going through right now. And that’s normal and you will need to accept it. Your dream, your decisions might actually be hurtful to your family and friends. And the fact of migrating to another country is not an easy decision as well as it is certainly not easy for your loved ones to accept it. There will be hard and sad, challenging moments coming your way. So there will be days you will need inspiration and motivation, someone there to remember you that your dream is not inaccessible and someone who will understand your worries as well as all your excitement to let go and live your adventure!
We are here to inspire you to live your dream….
During our migration process, we had the logistical support of our migration agent. Of course, this is all paperwork and legal stuff. Very important to have this indeed, but don’t get confused here: That’s not what we do at holistic migration. Because we felt like a lack of emotional and inspirational support during our adventure we have created this caring and sharing cocoon for you and we will be there to share, listen, support, motivate and inspire you. At holistic migration you will find a group of people with similar dreams and life goals.
So you are thinking about migrating right? Maybe you have even already started the process…. good on you! You have the guts to make your dream happening. That’s the first and most important step.
Join us to know more about how we made it all happen and about how we are doing now. Join a group of same minded dreamers.
xx Don’t only dream your life, live your dream! xx
Yours in inspiration, NC
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