The Get Better Box – Sore Throat Box – Product Review

Imagine if you are unwell, stuck in your bed, with a cold. A runny nose and a sore throat as the only companions. I definitely hate that feeling, don’t you?

But what if, the postman would deliver a little box right to your door. Wouldn’t it be lovely and comforting to get a bit of kindness with a lovely message from one of your precious friend? It would be a nice surprise right?

What if you’d open the box and would find something designed exactly to make you feel better on that moment of sickness? Something sourced from natural goodness aiming to make you feel better.

A cup of warm and soothing lemon and honey tea and the ideal sweets to calm your sore throat. Along with some healthy vitamins to make you heal faster. Sounds bliss right?

I know it would make me feel at least a bit better and so happy to feel the love sent to me.

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This is what The Get Better Box is, Kindness in a box.

“We believe that more people should be replacing overly expensive, marginally effective and potentially toxic pharmaceutical drugs with safe, proven-to-work healthful herbs, plant-based remedies and self-care practices where they can.” – from The Get Better Box website!

My passion for a healthy and clean lifestyle brings me, from time to time, to try out products in exchange for a totally honest review. However, I never review any product I wouldn’t be using myself.

This is our product review of The Get Better Box – Sore Throat Box

I had fun shooting this unboxing and review video with two of my kids. Watch the video below!

What we thought of The Get Better Box – Sore Throat Box

We love the thoughtful idea of this gift box as well as the concept and the very cute packaging. You can tell everything has been sourced with special care and intention to comfort with natural remedies. A jam-packed box of smoothing, refreshing, drug-free and comforting “Get well” wishes to send around the world to make someone feel special.

Product wise, here are a few highlights: Pukka tea is one of my favourite brands for a long time, so I was super pleased to find it in the box. I got really impressed with the Miso Soup by Itsu, however, I don’t think I will be able to source it in Australia unfortunately or maybe only from an online shop. The Lavandin essential oil is 100% pure, which is always what I look for when I buy essential oils.

We would personally use all of the products in the box with probably the exception of the hand sanitizer. Mainly because we really rather wash our hands with water and natural soap at home. Or disinfect our hands with essential oils when we are out. But saying that, it does fit perfectly into the theme and purpose of this box and I must agree, it makes sense.

Nat Carrel - The Blog

The magic of some handwritten words

Also in a world full of technology and digital messages, actually sending a handwritten message (they do it for you) on a card sent along to compliment your box, definitely brings a personal touch of real kindness and a back to basics feel. Almost like when mum used to cook a warm soup for you to feel better.

You have the power to put a smile on your loved ones face!

Consider The Get Better Box to put a smile on a loved one’s face. They have several options besides the Sore Throat box and not just a friend feeling unwell but also relaxation boxes as an example. Furthermore, they do send internationally, this means you can pretty much order from anywhere and send it anywhere in the world (refer to The Get Better Box website for accurate information in this regards)

As a reader of my blog, use this code to access a 20% discount YANANDNAT20.

Have you ever used a gift sending company? Comment below and let me know what you got sent out to make someone happy!

Disclaimer: This box got offered to me in exchange for my honest review. I do not have any affiliation with The Get Better Box business and I am also not getting any financial benefits from this review. My gain is the box and the social exposure of my blog to a different audience.


About the Author:
Natascha is firstly a wife and mum of 3, originally Swiss and a French native speaker, she lives in Queensland Australia. She also is a passionate online entrepreneur and author.
Natascha’s passion is to share the message of Living a Life of Purpose.
Her mission is to help other mums create more freedom to live their dream life while becoming healthier and happier!


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6 replies
    • Yan and Nat Carrel
      Yan and Nat Carrel says:

      Lol, no sore throat wanted here either. Prevention is the key right!
      But they are really nice presents to send out to make someone feel special.

  1. Loren
    Loren says:

    I love the video. Your children did a wonderful job. It looks like a nice box with useful products. I love that tea too, as well as miso soup, but I have never had chili miso soup. You are right, it is a great box to gift to a sick friend.

    • Yan and Nat Carrel
      Yan and Nat Carrel says:

      Thank you Loren, we had a lot of fun doing this together.
      They also have relaxation and calming down boxes, as well as other cute gift ideas, making really nice gift ideas.

    • Yan and Nat Carrel
      Yan and Nat Carrel says:

      Thank you, Josie. It really is a nice little attention to send to someone.
      Don’t forget that you can use the discount code YANANDNAT20!


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