How to live a more simple life?

Is that you? Do you feel totally exhausted arriving Friday? Have you got the impression to be running from one “thing” to the other, chasing your clock constantly? Going to bed at night and wondering where the heck this day just went? Words like tired, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, exhausted are how you paint the description of your world? Why? Why are you running a never-ending marathon, day after day?

Have you asked yourself that question?

Why am I doing this?

Now besides the compulsory working activity of course, could it be possible that there is a thing like “too much entertainment” in our society nowadays? Could it be possible that we are literally overloading our days and that there is a fine line between enjoyment and overwhelm if we don’t pay attention. Too much good things could create bad, no?

Have you asked yourself “Why”? Why are you putting yourself through this?

Life is a succession of habits. You choose your habits, the good ones, the bad ones.
And this makes up your world. – Nat Carrel

Our society forgets about simple!

It is a myth to think that we have to be entertained at all times. In fact, I feel like this constant entertainment society we are living in is creating stress and not at all leaning toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle. People forget to sit down and talk, to look, smell, feel, enjoy and be present and conscious about their surroundings and what happens around them…life!

Let’s take the pressure around Christmas time or birthdays for example. Why does it need to be such a fuss? Simple could actually mean more enjoyment. Don’t you think? And even holidays, they are so rare that most people freak out before they even start, trying, by all means, to make them perfect. But what’s perfect? There’s no such thing. The key is to appreciate the moment, isn’t it? Not for its perfection but for what it is, feeling the moment, living the moment and forgetting about pressure and stress.

Are we nowadays living in an environment of a constant quest?

Social pressure, peer pressure, work pressure, life in general pressure, all triggering us into taking decisions we haven’t even though about it. We follow others. From buying “social recognition” items to an overflowed agenda, adding unbearable time and financial stress. But what for?

And this is the exact moment I am saying No to that pressure. No! I have a choice and you have a choice as well! Let’s use this choice right to create a life we enjoy.

What we have discovered as a family on our wellbeing journey

Calming our mind and body from the hecticness that surrounds us has become paramount to our happiness, wellbeing and health. If you’ve been following me and reading my blog, you’d know that our focus turns around making the shift from the Work-LIFE Balance life we got conditionate to live to our much loved LIFE-Work Balance. And by doing so, we have become clearer in how our lifestyle should be to allow us to enjoy life. While we cannot influence some environment we envolve in, we can make a difference in others. And this starts by making conscious choices!

Just like about everyone else, we have to work. However, personal development has made us discover the power of leveraging this non-avoidable activity. Personal development has made us discover a new world of possibilities. Where life evolves around LIFE and not around WORK.

Furthermore, we have also realized that things we do to entertain us in our society, ultimately generates stress in our life. This means that what we do for fun, creates stress. Now don’t misunderstand me here. We love fun as well. However, applying conscious fun instead of passive fun is life changing. Less is more.

We love to practice “The Simple Life” how we call it, especially on weekends or during the holiday. By choosing to go simple yet authentic, we are also able to avoid a lot of pointless stress and pressure. Simple works for us, let me make it discover to you and share some tips.

Less is more

Living a simple life for us means, first of all, less “consumer pressure”. I have spoken about that in my blog posts already, but adopting a minimalist lifestyle where we are moving to only have what we really use, need and love creates an unexpected feeling of wellbeing.

Buying for the sake of buying is something we say No to! It’s not because we are supposed to have such and such item that we actually going to have it.

As we reorganize our life and declutter our home we also align with our intentions, OUR intentions – not peer pressured intentions.

Things we don’t own (or not anymore) – to create calm and simplicity, you need to let go

Not feeling the constant need to buy saves money and time and creates harmony.

Home phone  – we have our mobiles
Cd’s and stereo – we listen to music online and only have a small speaker
Tons of shoes – We only have about 3 pairs each, just what we need, as it’s not something we especially love anyways
Tons of clothes – same, only what we need, yet thriving to better quality
Microwave – firstly it’s super unhealthy but totally not useful to us. We have a stove and an oven, that’s enough
Water boiler – no need for it
Coffee maker – same no need for it and it makes us enjoy the occasional coffee out even more
Gym membership – we were not really using it and found other ways to exercise we enjoy more, in nature!
Xbox, Playstations,… – if our kids play, then they have a game on their phone, generates a lot fewer dramas!
Several tv’s – we have one only, we enjoy movie nights but there really is no need for more

…. and the list could go on. It feels good to let go of things!

Things we do that help to create The Simple Life

Say No –
To live simple, we have come to the realization that we just don’t want to attend every single event we’re invited to, even if we like to socialize. Sometimes we just pass and that’s ok. Keeping some free time on our agenda has really become essential to us and our wellbeing. Time to reconnect, enjoy and live the moment.

We cannot help at all fundraisers, even if that would be a nice thing to do. We love to help, but can’t commit to more than we can chew.

And in the same line of idea, we sure don’t want to try to be good at everything either, even if we like doing new things. We focus on a few and that’s plenty!

Not applying all this would spread us thin, doing everything and nothing properly. Using up precious energy we can’t use for what really matters. A simple life is a life lived aligned with our intention.

Make lists and cheat sheets- 
Lists help so much to be organized an not waste time. Using time purposely and avoiding a mental mess.

Get things done!
This is an amazing technique that helps me to be so much more productive, save time and avoid stress. Watch it here!

Do not procrastinate – procrastination opens the door to mess and complications
If you deal with what needs to be dealt with right away, you will avoid complications. Your brain won’t have to keep thinking about a task that needs to be done. Ever heard of the One Minute Rule? Click here, I will explain it to you

Start simple, with A simple weekend at home

Do you ever stop, breath and enjoy? Do you ever allow yourself to stop chasing time?

Sitting down and taking the time to chat with your partner and kids? Stay home and enjoy your house, actually taking the time to let sink in what you have around you? Just live and feel the moment. Create the time for a beach walk, truly enjoy a coffee (and not just gobble it down by habit). Read a book or sit next to a fire? Those simple things create harmony and balance in life.

The point here is that it doesn’t always need to be fancy, special, extravagant and super social. I do not believe we always need to be entertained by going out, to the movies, the theatre, the amusement park,… sometimes it is good to live simply and it makes the special fancy occasions feel even more extra special.

What do you do when you want to feel calm?

Comment below what’s your favourite way to calm down!


About the Author:
Natascha is firstly a wife and mum of 3, originally Swiss and a French native speaker, she lives in Queensland Australia. She also is a passionate online entrepreneur and author.
Natascha’s passion is to share the message of Living a Life of Purpose.
Her mission is to help other mums create more freedom to live their dream life while becoming healthier and happier!


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  1. Loren
    Loren says:

    Wonderful post. The more I live the more I learn that simplicity is key to live a happy. meaningful life. Excess does not bring happiness or anything good.


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