yan and nat carrelThis weekend was all about the simple life at home.

Feels so good not to have to rush from one place to another for competitions or training sessions. You know my boys are crazy swimmers and passionate surf lifesaving competitors, which usually keeps us fairly busy on weekends and just cancels all plan on having a nice deserved sleep in.

In fact, my kid’s sport commitments are exactly one of the reason why I couldn’t keep up with my work as remedial massage therapist and when the opportunity to work from the internet knocked at my door, I knew I had to grab it and hold on tight. Working from anywhere when it suits me was in fact going to change my life and bring us all a lot more freedom to play with.

But let’s come back to this weekend, shall we?

As mentioned, no sport related obligations except for a pool rescue training session on Sunday morning. But, when the boys decided to play it naughty before training and got grounded to miss out, we found ourselves with a whole day to play simple life at home. I love it! I guess I should ground them more often…. no just joking. But in this particular case they really had to learn the consequences of not taking their responsibilities.

So, what’s simple life at home?

Playing around in garden dirt… We started with continuing on cleaning up after cyclone Debbie’s powerful winds – yes still in process. We had several trees coming down during that last storm.  Our much loved veggie garden needs some landscaping attention as well. We bought this property with quite an extended amount of garden beds that do not really suit our needs. Therefore, we are just downsizing a little bit to make it more effective and convenient for us. We also prepared a bit the property for our pool coming in next week – yes, we are pretty excited even if it is winter here in Australia.

As you know, we are all about a balance lifestyle and we feel that getting the kids involved in the garden is a great way to teach them about nature, growing healthy food and live in harmony with nature.

After a well deserved hot chocolate break soaking in the winter sun…

my version of “Pilates” on the deck amongst the nature quickly turned into a who’s core muscles are the strongest and who can hold the positions the longest? I know for you Yoga and Pilates gurus out there, it’s not about how long but how good. But let’s try to do this with a 7, 11, and 13 years old tribe – remember they are competitive. Anyways, was good fun, but I guess I will feel this in my body tomorrow.

I enjoyed spending some time in the kitchen with my little miss 7 as well. I find, having a Thermomix makes cooking with kids so much fun. In no time, we had prepared a green smoothie, a bowl of baked beans as well as a banana ice cream (frozen bananas from our garden that is please, topped with our very own passion fruits, honey and macadamias).

But what was the highlight of the weekend?

The absolute highlight of the day for the kids was to be allowed to drive our car on the property. It’s really amazing to have the space to do this. They feel so grown up and totally enjoyed this special treat. Yes, only on our property as we surely want to keep everyone safe!

Finishing off with a movie night, all curled up in warm blankets is perfect for a day of simple life. I already know next week is going to be different as we are back to pool competition.

Xx Don’t only dream your life, live your dream xx

Yours in inspiration, Nat

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