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Hi Dreamers! Natascha here from

Easter is here, we are excited! I got thinking about tradition and how we interact with tradition, living in another country. We try to teach our kids tradition as we know them from Switzerland. We can’t overlook the local tradition here in Queensland Australia. It is an interesting mix of tradition and culture for us.

Talking about Easter, the major difference for us is that Easter here is in autumn. We are used to having Easter in spring with the flowers blossoming and nature yearning for expression, especially in a country such as Switzerland with lots of snow. It is more of pumpkin and autumn here in Australia during Easter time.

Our major Easter tradition is the annual Easter egg hunt in the backyard. And here comes the big difference between both countries. In Switzerland, we do egg hunt with real chicken eggs, carefully colored in the kitchen the day before Easter whereas Australians use chocolate eggs only. So, we do both, colored chicken eggs and chocolate eggs, yay, winners!

The Australian touch is the traditional Easter Hats. In Australia, the kids usually get busy crafting a beautiful Easter hat at home and would then wear it at school for Easter Hat Parade day. A beautiful show cast of Easter themed decorations stuck on a hat, basically! It is extremely cute! That’s something we didn’t do way back in Switzerland but really enjoy here. We have also discovered the traditional Hot Cross Buns since we live here, a spiced sweet Easter brioche kind. We bake them together on Easter day and enjoy them together with our eggs as a big Easter brunch.
We cherish the uniqueness of blending the traditions of two different countries. It is nice to pick a selection of traditions and mix them up!

In general, we basically try to stick to the original Swiss traditions and mix in the local Australian ones. We also like to create new ones, that we hope will remain in our family for the next coming generations. I a way we feel like we have to, since traditions like big family reunions are very unlikely to happen for us, purely because of the distance with the rest of our extended families. So we create something different!

We definitely think it is important to keep these traditions alive by teaching them to the kids and we are having loads of fun with this. We hope to share some Easter fun very soon. Cheers!

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Yours in inspiration, NC


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