Why work with me?

More freedom for you, AWESOME MUM!
I work with mums together who WANT MORE!
More Freedom for their family, more health, more enjoyment.
I show mums how to create their own portable business so they can go travel the world with their family or make their big dream come true!
Yes, it is possible!

Natascha Carrel's Bio

The Freedom Mum Code

If you are asking yourself those questions:
“How could I make it possible for our family to enjoy more of life?”
“Is there a way we could we afford to travel the world as a family?
“What could I do from home to create more income for our family and be present in my children’s lives?”
Look no further…
You need my code, “The FreedomMumCode”

Why YOU might need the code...

You are a busy mum, love your kids and your hubby …  And of course, you have all those dreams you just never get to realize because of the crazy 9-5 corporate world model you are framed in? Or just not have enough income to support YOUR big dream?
I was in your shoes and I remember…
This is why I created “The Code” and here is how it could radically change your life!

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